...or how to embellish a place with its most flamboyant assets by enveloping it in a pyrotechnic festival. Thus, a site is made sublime in a high-fashion dress made up of incandescent and colourful sheaths. The most beautiful architectural and environmental jewels sparkle with a thousand lights and each sky becomes a master’s canvas on which flaming stars are projected.
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Once upon a time… But it will be ten or a thousand times as long before you forget these stories told in the form of multimedia spectacles. Here, poetry is everywhere: on the walls where people come to life by way of light shows; in the urban environment which metamorphoses into stage scenery for a giant theatre; in the sky which looks like a book where the tale evolves through video animations, multicolour lasers and pyrotechnic spectacles.
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Mingle the free-style musical notes of a great Jazz player with bouquets of light on the occasion of a pyro-musical concert, light up the lyrical sounds of a National Orchestra in a pyro-melodic spectacle, participate in a battle between the powerful beat of a DJ and the flamboyant pyrotechnics of an FJ (Fire-Jockey)… Your ears will get an eyeful and your eyes won’t believe their ears !
Live my fire
Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire, Pierrot of light… A multimedia festival which covered the Place Bellecour in poetry. Given magical powers, Pierrot leaps and bounds, passing in the blink of an eye from the video screen to a great river of flame. In this space drowned in sound and light, Pierrot transports the crowd to another world.
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