Who are
the magicians?

Jacques Couturier was born on the 14th of July – French Independence day traditionally celebrated with fireworks. He was therefore predestined to metamorphosise the sky, the stars and the landscapes into an ephemeral festival. For 30 years, the Jacques Couturier Organisation has embodied a high-fashion sky!

Joseph Couturier, his son, possibly has “black powder in his blood” and is also a child of the festival. From circus to cinema, theatre to music, he has juggled various arts always following the same thread – emotion and poetry. From this alchemy of experiences now come nocturnal spectacles that combine artifice, light shows, multimedia, special effects and performing arts.

But what would these magicians be without their collaborators, scriptwriters, videographers, graphic artists, sound technicians, etc. who collaborate in the design and execution of the events ?


We know
how to enchant

Entrusting your event to JCO is to ensure a festival performed like sheet music: Creation of made-to-measure turn-key festivals, safety studies and compliance with standards of administration, management and coordination of the workers.
At each stage of your project, you will be accompanied by a specialised contact (general production manager, technical production manager, artistic director).

The team

Discover “the team that weaves dreams”, the pyro-technicians that light up imaginations and make eyes shine!

Behind the mirror

Beyond what the eyes of the spectators see, discover the well-oiled machinery for creating emotion, a beautiful mechanism for engraving memories, a fleeting happiness device…